The ability to fully customize your M24 or M27 according to your tastes is a peculiarity to which the unique architecture of our timepieces lends itself very well.

ErrediBi is pleased to offer this sort of sartorial mechanics usually  prerogative of style exercises out of reach of the general public.

These serials, preceded by the S letter , have the clear intention of providing a particular and unique product going to feed the imagination of the customer and creating an object that tells a personal story, going beyond the definition of a simple tool.

The degree of personalization grade has incredible flexibility with all our industrial heritage available.


S Serial watches are born as unique and non-repeatable specimens.

In detail are customizable:

  • the size of the case, in  M24 or M27 variant

  • the case material, which can also be produced thanks to its particular nature (9 pieces, mechanically applied lugs) in different matched materials (lugs and bezel in one material and body in another for example).   

  • the surface finish of the various parts, obviously also in different portions (polished, satin, beaded, brushed, etc.). In the case of Ergal anodized in any RAL color also in portions.

  • the dial designed and manufactured in a single sample according to the tastes and needs of the customer.

  • personalized spheres and indices. 

  • laser engraving of symbols, drawings and phrases on the back of the case.

  • straps, stitches and related buckles customized in leather type and processing with tannery skins availability.

  • dedicated and personalized theme packaging.

  • movement to be cased, compatibly with the architecture of the internal case.


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